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Where should the Fifth Ashes Test be played?

There have been many contentious topics up for debate throughout the year, but none more so than where the Fifth Ashes Test should be played.

It is the question on everyone’s mind as head into what we hope is a new year full of optimism; 

Where should the Fifth Ashes Test be played? 

Here are a few suggests below that might tick off the box as the Aussies charge towards retaining the urn…

Option 1


The MCG had to hand over of the AFL Grand Final to Perth, so it is only right it gets a big event in return.

With Perth all but certain to lose the fifth test due to strict border policies for domestic and international travel, the home of cricket in Australia is the logical selection. 

Boxing Day is set to be a huge spectacle come December 26th and the proposition of a pink-ball test a few weeks later is a tasty treat Victorians deserve after being put through months upon months of missing out on their favourite sporting events. 

Option 2

victoria parliament

You are probably living under a rock if you do not know about the protests in Melbourne at Parliament House, but we are not here to talk politics. 

We are here to talk about the cops and citizens who decided to create a pitch outside the steps of Parliament and start rolling the arm over with your stock standard wheelie bin as the cricket stumps. 

Just envisage a scene where Patrick Cummins has the new Kookaburra ball. 

The English opener faces up and Cummins rips straight through him to put a hole in the wheelie bin. 

England one for none off the first ball as the crowd goes into raptures out the front of the Imperial Hotel. 

Option 3

Bellerive Oval

Tasmania already copped its rightful whack with Tim Paine being ousted from the squad.

Bellerive Oval might just be the tonic the Tasmanian faithful deserve. 

It is amazing to think, for all the love of sports held dear by Tasmanians, that state has not staged an Australian test cricket fixture since 2016. 

The beautiful scenery, the lovely backdrop that accompanies the stadium and a cricket field that looks like a billiard top is what purists who love their cricket are all about. 

Option 4

Northern Territory

What better way to really feel at home in Australia than by taking sport over to an Indigenous community.

It would be the first time in the history of the Ashes cricket in Australia that we would have the Fifth Test played in the Northern Territory. 

We have seen so many Indigenous sport stars lay their claim to fame in other sporting codes around Australia, it might be time cricket tries to find the next Indigenous superstar by bringing cricket to the red plains of Northern Territory. 

Just take a look at how gorgeous the picture on this article is. 

A few drop-in grandstands, some ice packs on hand to cool the players down if it gets super hot and we are ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

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