Same Race Multis & Tips

It is the newest feature on the BetDeluxe page and makes betting on horse and greyhound racing even more exciting than usual.

A Same Race Multi allows punters at BetDeluxe the opportunity to back horses in the same race to win, finish top two, finish top three, or finish top four.

BetDeluxe Same Race Multi Feature

Effectively, the Same Race Multi-function allows to pick a horse to win the race and include another horse to finish inside the top four, multiplying their odds and creating a BetDeluxe Same Race Multi.

A Same Race Multi at BetDeluxe gives punters the opportunity to combine two, three, or four of their selections in a race to get odds that will pay much higher than they would have previously.

It allows punters at BetDeluxe to win money off horses who might be considered ‘non-winners’ but always run in the placings.

Combining these horse selections and tips into a Same Race Multi with BetDeluxe gives punters flexibility with more of a chance to collect, but with a bigger dividend if they can get it right.

Of course, there are rules and stipulations when it comes to how many times you can put the same horse in a Same Race Multi.

You can only include each horse once in a Same Race Multi, which means you cannot select the same horse to finish both the top two and top four.

The race in which you are placing a Same Race Multi must also have at least six runners or more in order for the bet to be valid.

How to bet on the Same Race Multi?

There are plenty of ways to bet on a Same Race Multi. One of the more popular ways to bet and get a good collect off short-priced favourites is this;

– Add in your short-priced favourite to finish the top two or top three.

– Throw in a roughie to finish the top three or top four.

For the best Same Race Multi tips, stay tuned to our horse racing tips and greyhound racing tips page. We also have an app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store; you can download the BetDeluxe app here. Also, you check out our best betting sites in Australia page.

Go on... Deluxe yourself!

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