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AFL Trade Bait Top Eight

We go through the 'trade bait top eight' for trades that need to happen during AFL Trade Period.

The talk of the town is AFL Trade Period. 

It is crazy set of ten days where the wheeling and dealing of players alongside draft picks ensue with all 18 teams looking to improve their squads heading into 2022. 

Here is the trade bait top eight!

#8 Patrick Lipinski to Collingwood

He is a very handy footballer, but has failed to make the Bulldogs team on a regular basis this season. 

Looks to slot in perfectly at Collingwood as a player who can do a 50/50 split of midfield and forward time during a game. 

The Pies are desperately on the hunt for players with an eye for goal who can also find their share of the football when thrust into the middle if need be. 

Stands at 190cm, so his versatility as a medium forward but tall midfielder can be used to great effect. 

Predicted trade 
– Collingwood receives Patrick Lipinski 
– Western Bulldogs receive pick 58.

#7 Tim O'Brien to Western Bulldogs

With Josh Bruce going down with a season-ending ACL late last season, the Bulldogs will be in need of a tall forward to replace him for 2022. 

Aaron Naughton shouldered a lot of the load with Bruce going down and the dam wall eventually busted in the Grand Final with the Dogs unable to secondary outlet. 

His addition, in an already potent forward line, would help free up Naughton even more and might just be the catalyst to take more attention away from Josh Schace who built into the season nicely. 

O’Brien has shown his ability to be strong in the air and he would come very cheaply for the Bulldogs.  

Predicted trade: 
– Western Bulldogs receive Tim O’Brien as a free agent

#6 Jon Ceglar to Carlton

Jon Ceglar’s experience to a young Carlton ruck brigade would be invaluable. 

The Blues already have the young prospect with Tom De Koning and the meat in the sandwich in Pittonet who can bash and crash his way through games, but Ceglar would be a great place-holder as both those younger men develop. 

He would cost the Blues close to nothing and he has been part of a premiership winning culture throughout his career. 

He and Pittonet have also spent time together at Hawthorn, which would only add to the camaraderie of the ruck crew. 

Predicted trade: 
– Carlton receives Jon Ceglar as a free agent

#5 Peter Ladhams to Sydney

Peter Ladhams would play the perfect role in behind Tom Hickey at Sydney. 

The Swans are in need of a genuine ruck who can go forward and slot a goal. 

It was an area they expect Sam Naismith to fill, but his battle with ACL injuries has sent his career into limbo and a player like Ladhams might just be able to fill that spot. 

Ladhams will likely be starved of opportunity for first-ruck action at Port Adelaide with Scott Lycett all but locked into that role for the next two to three years. 

A move to Sydney might just be the tonic to get his desire to play number one ruck fulfilled. 

Predicted trade:
– Sydney receives Peter Ladhams
– Port Adelaide receives one of pick 31 or a future second rounder

#4 Jack Gunston to Collingwood

Collingwood is in desperate need for a genuine forward who can take a mark, kick a goal and provide leadership inside forward 50. 

Jack Guntson would provide that in spades. 

The 29-year-old is a three-time premiership player who only played one game in 2021 due to injuries and might just fall out of favour with new coach Sam Mitchell who might just very well want to blood some new crop. 

In a forward line that ranked bottom four for goals scored in 2021, his experience and nous around the big sticks is exactly what the Pies are in need of. 

Predicted trade: 
Collingwood receives Jack Gunston as a free agent

#3 Sam Petrevski Seton to west coast

This just has to get done for parties involved. 

Carlton has not exactly been the breeding ground for great development of its younger drafted talent over the last 15 years and, unfortunately, Sam Petrevski Seton seems to have fallen victim to that curse. 

He was trending upwards as a midfield/forward type of footballer, but has hit a roadblock in the last year-and-a-half after being asked to play across half-back. 

West Coast Eagles coach Adam Simpson has said Petrevski Seton will slot in perfectly across the midfield and forward line for the Eagles. 

With the niggling injuries we see in Luke Shuey and Elliot Yeo, Petrevski Seton might just be that little bit of polish in an Eagles team who struggled for form last season. 

Predicted trade: 
– West Coast receives Sam Petrevski Seton
– Carlton receives pick 29

#2 Rory Lobb to Hawthorn

With Jack Gunston, Jon Ceglar and Tim O’Brien all likely to assess their options, it opens the door for a tall, marking ruck/forward like Rory Lobb to land at the Hawks. 

Lobb has two years left on his contract at Fremantle, but is said to be open to a move away Western Australia. 

The only thing that would be scaring the Hawks away might be his salary. 

However, as we have seen with Collingwood and Adam Treloar, teams can reach an agreement for contracted players where by both clubs are still paying a portion of the salary. 

His guidance would be a great asset for 208cm ruckman Ned Reeves who has only played five games. 

Predicted trade; 
– Hawthorn receives Rory Lobb
– Fremantle receives pick 59 or future third rounder

#1 Adam Cerra to Carlton

It was the worst kept secret since about the half-way mark of the 2021 season. 

Adam Cerra wants to move back home to Victoria and Carlton has become knocking with a juicy contract – shock horror. 

The 22-year-old midfielder has been building nicely as a bonafide AFL footballer and will get the chance to shine in a Carlton midfield that desperately needs someone help take the load off Sam Walsh. 

Should the deal get done, Carlton might just very well land a player who can take them into the top eight. 

It is a matter of Carlton giving up pick six at this year’s draft and potentially an addition of future picks. 

Predicted trade: 
– Carlton receives Adam Cerra & future second round pick 
– Fremantle receives pick six and future third round pick

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