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NFL Super Bowl LVI 2021/22, Tips & Preview

The NFL season is upon us as we analyse the best bets for another massive year from of football from the USA.

With the 2021/22 NFL season here, the Bet Deluxe team has gone through each franchise with a fine tooth comb to find the Super Bowl winners. 

Surely Tom Brady couldn’t do it again? 

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs found out what winning was all about last year; being better for longer. 

After the heartbreak of watching Tom Brady go to work in Super Bowl LV, Patrick Mahomes looks to have found a renewed spark. 

The Chiefs have chugged along very nicely in their pre-season trial matches heading into this new season. 

Mahomes featured heavily in the first two games which were wins against Minnesota and Arizona. 

With experience now on its side and a young quarterback who will only improve as the year goes on, the Chiefs deserve to be the top pick again.

Suggested Bet: Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVI winner at $5.5

Tampa Bay Bucaneers

When you have ‘The GOAT’ at your disposal you have to be considered a Super Bowl hope.

Tom Brady showed that age be no boundary after delivering Tampa Bay its second ever NFL Championship and in the process winning his seventh Super Bowl ring. 

The now 44-year-old quarterback effectively only played the one game for the Buccaneers during this pre-season as he brushed off the cobwebs after another prolific year in the pocket. 

Brady amassed an incredible 4,633 yards, 40 touchdowns and 12 picks through 2020/21 to lead Tampa Bay to glory alongside his close mate and Buccaneers tight end Robert Gronskowski. 

He did that without a genuine off-season to prepare and become a collaborative mix with his team. 

With a proper off-season under the belt as well as having a genuine understanding of what his teammates strengths and weaknesses are there is every chance the Buccaneers and Brady can create history one more time.

Suggested Bet: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl LVI winner at $7.5

Bufallo Bills

The next step on the road to sucess for the Buffalo Bills is how they turn winning seasons into championship winning seasons. 

The Bills produced an extraordinary run towards the back end of their 2020/21 campaign, but fell short against Kansas City in the AFC Championship final. 

From an offensive point of view, the Bills will be amongst the most dangerous teams to come up against. 

The Bills were the second most effective offence in the NFL last season and a focus on defence must now become part of its package if it wishes to go all the way. 

The run defence last season was average at best and the pass rush produced just 38 sacks, which is area that needs to improve. 

The team seems to have addressed the defensive issues with the evidence we have seen in the pre-season. 

Three games for three wins heading into a new campaign and only conceding 31 points in the process has the Bills destined for another big year.

Suggested Bet: 
Buffalo Bills Super Bowl LVI winner at $13

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